Faria Mechanical


May 2019


Discovery, Design, Development


Workflow Automation

Seamless Collections

Our automation solution removed the need for manual labor which involved following up with customers for collecting payment.


All current service requests now go through the Faria Mechanical service software, which means payment is collected automatically and results in less trouble and more transparency for the Faria Mechanical team.


This automated process also increases accuracy of reports and is easily trackable, which leaves little room for errors.

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SaaSberry’s solution increased business transparency and internal accountability by introducing notification systems, checklist automation, and a customized payment solution.

The service tool proved especially helpful for the field technicians, as they are able to follow a standardized checklist and tick off items as they perform tasks on site. This is also beneficial to the company, as employees are kept accountable for ensuring proper service delivery.


Finally, the service tool features are important for client follow-ups, as the company has detailed notes of service delivery.

Workflow Automation

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